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Today’s society it has become more difficult to find foods that do not contain preservatives. While they serve the purpose of prolonging the healthy appearance and flavor of the food product itself, there have been studies that show that preservatives are not the best compounds to put in the human body.

Do you know? Numerous studies and plenty of research has shown a connection between negative side effects and exposure to and ingestion of preservatives. Some preservatives have been linked to asthma and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). Other compounds have been shown to cause cholesterol issues.

 So, how we can gain the healthy live if those preservatives keep going through our body by food? and Can we live without preservatives compounds? The answer is no! But, we can reduce the preservative compounds which have been in our body or the one that will be at our body

1. Reduce consuming canned-food

Almost all of the canned-foods contain preservative compounds, because canned-foods are made for a long term. Eventhough those kinds of food help us instantly, we should not consume it regularly because it can bring us such a severe sickness like heart-cancer

 2. Make your own instan-food

Make an instan-food can reduce preservative compounds which enter our body. Instead of it, from making our instan food we will not be stressed and more creative

 3. Bring foods from home

Sometimes students are shy bringing their own food from home because they are afraid from being called childish. In fact bringing foods from home is much healthy and hygienic than the one from cafeteria.

4. Keep up with mineral water

 by drinking mineral water, the bad thing like preservative compound will be neutralized and our kidney will be healthy that the other day.

 So, we can keep eat foods which have preservative compounds in it, but remember to reduce it, so our live will be much better :)

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